Welcome to DynABike - Mobile Motorbike Dyno Testing:

Thanks for stopping by. Here are some ideas behind the project. Its going to be fun and entertaining. For a fixed fee we produce a nice looking graph that shows HP (rear wheel) and Torque and will show the Air to Fuel ratio for the engine as well.  


Primarily, we will be doing performance testing for road going bikes, providing you with an idea of how your bike is running and if it's set up correctly for your purpose. This includes checking your bike is correctly fueling for every day use, touring or sprinting. Check the pricing here: Dyno Prices.


We can also do vintage and classic bike demonstrations and start ups. Use the dyno platform and equipment to show off your racing replica, newly restored classic or modern superbike. The dyno makes for a great photo shoot.


We will never rev your bike beyond any limit you impose.

We will be going to Autojumbles, big bike meets (Ace Cafe Runs), bike clubs meets, track days and dealership fun days. See where we will be here: Events Schedule.


We have now tested more than 2,000 bikes.


We have a database of practically all popular bikes and we can compare yours to others in your class.


During the week the dyno is available to dealerships and others on a daily / weekly basis.


Please contact us if you are interested in having a dyno at your event or dealership.




Typical Deployment:

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